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    What you see in front of you – is believed to be The New Testament of the Bible – consisting of all 27 Books of it, listed below in full, the well-known 4 Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, pastoral Epistles of Paul, Peter and other Apostles, the First disciples of Jesus Christ, the English translation used – is that of King James Version Bible – translated from old Greek into English...

To be Good, to make the World Good, to Eliminate the Evil & Suffering in the World – People should be Trained in Virtue & Goodness. They should know exactly – How & Why to train themselves, to meditate, to pray, to be inspired by Lives of Saints;
The Modern Lies tells – people are what they are, and we can do nothing – if some are evil or without a compassion or homosexuals or drunkards or criminals – we can do nothing, we have no Hope!
- These are all Big Lies – we have so many methods to train and change the minds of the people – there are inspiring examples, self-suggestion, prayers, meditations, mantras, education, discipline – which can change and transform Mind & Personality.
- Those Ancient methods – which deal with Training & Transformation of Personality, Eliminating Human Suffering – are known as Religions.

Orthodox Christianity | Pravoslavie
  • What is Orthodox Christianity

    Orthodox Christianity itself— what is it and its historic roots? The first is a category important for all Christian people: doctrine. Did she maintain the truth of God as given by Christ and His Apostles? Second, what about worship? Is there a discernible way in which the...

Catholic Christianity
  • Mother Teresa | Catholic Saint

    Who among us doesn't know that Mother Teresa's main objective has been to do all the good she could for the least of Jesus' brothers and sisters? Her feelings for the less fortunate were not arrived at by abstract reasoning, however. All she did, in her own words, was "follow...

Anabaptism | Mennonites | Amish | Hutterites
  • Menno Simons | Life and Times

    This is the long and detailed biography of Menno Simons (1496-1561), the most prominent Anabaptist Christian leader and teacher in Netherlands and North German states during the 16th century. His followers became known as Mennonites (Mennisten). The Short Biography of Menno...