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What you see in front of you – is believed to be The New Testament of the Bible – consisting of all 27 Books of it, listed below in full, the well-known 4 Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, pastoral Epistles of Paul, Peter and other Apostles, the First disciples of Jesus Christ, the English translation used – is that of King James Version Bible – translated from old Greek into English during the years 1604 – 1611 – being one of the oldest and most authoritative version of English language Bible up to our days.

Who are Jesuits

Jorge Maria Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, was immediately named as “the First Jesuit Pope”, but those who knew the Church’s history well enough titled him “a Grey Pope”. The Jesuits, or more precisely the Society of Jesus, is the most significant Order of the Church and with very rich history. In the past they have been exploring new worlds, fought wars and organized plots; they...

Carmelite Order

At the beginning of 13th century more monks arrived into Carmel. Starting from 1210 they were living under the Rule of Patriarch of Jerusalem, Albert and Pope Honorius III, which received an official approval from Pope in 1226. In 1247 the Pope Innocent IV granted to the Carmelite Order the privilege to be one of Catholic mendicant orders The rule vigorously emphasized the character of...

Our Lady of Aparecida

In Brazil, the city of Aparecida do Norte is located in the state of Sao Paulo. It is known in the entire world as the main national Marian shrine where pilgrims from all Latin America arrive to venerate the Basilica of the Immaculate Virgin, Our Lady of Aparecida, the patroness of Brazil. The Holy Father Pope Francis will visit the shrine as a pilgrim on...

Our lady of Perpetual Help

On the island of Crete a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, was worshiped around 1496. It was painted by an unknown artist at the end of the thirteenth century according to an ancient tradition and Byzantine style, probably inspired by artworks of St. Luke.

Our Lady of Pontmain

In 1871 Virgin Mary appeared again in the small village Pontmain in the west of France. It was a time of Franco – Prussian war and many were afraid the Prussian army was approaching and the next battles were expected at the nearest town Laval, some 50 km away. Still, the rural peasants were following their daily duties.

Our Lady of La Salette

On September 19, 1846 Virgin Mary appeared to the two small kids-shepherds near the village of La Salette in the south of France, approximately 35 km from the Grenoble, in a very mountainous area 1800 meters above the sea level in French Alps. The small shepherds were Melanie Calvat and Maximin Giraud, 14 and 11 years old, who had known each other only for two...

The Jew Alphonse Ratisbonne and Lady of Miracles

In my earlier article we were talking about the Miraculous Medal that was revealed when Virgin Mary appeared to Catherine Laboure and many miracles and miraculous healings which manifested through it. One of the greatest miracles attributed to Miraculous Medal happened twelve years later, in 1842 when Our Lady of Miracle again appeared to a man wearing the Miraculous Medal. The man was Marie Alphonse...

Saint Catherine Labouré and the Miraculous Medal

Sister Catherine Laboure (24 years old) woke up hearing someone calls her by name three times. She opened the curtains of her cell and saw her Guardian Angel in a form of a 5 year old child. He said: "follow me to the chapel, where the Virgin Mary awaits you". After half an hour her guardian angel said: "there is the Blessed Virgin Mary". Catherine...

Our Lady of Guadalupe

The earliest recorded Marian apparition officially recognized by the Catholic Church, known as Our Lady of Guadalupe, took place in Mexico City in 1531. On early morning of December 9th 1531 a local peasant from Nahua tribe, born in 1474 and living in a small Indian village Tlayacac some 20 km (12 miles) north of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City), baptized in Christianity probably in 1524 or...

Francis - The New Catholic Pope

During the last week I was inspired to look towards the elections of the new Catholic Pope Francis, like the all Christian world.  
Francis, in his worldly name Jorge Mario Bergoglio comes from Argentina where he has been a Jesuit Priest and later an Archbishop of Buenos Aires.