Words of Spiritual Benefit | Shenouda III

Words of Spiritual Benefit | Shenouda III

Here I am publishing these very inspirational and full of profound Christian wisdom - Words of Spiritual Benefit from Pope Shenouda III (3 August 1923 – 17 March 2012) – the former Head of Coptic Orthodox Christian Church of Alexandria.

These Words of Spiritual Wisdom are very inspirational and instructing aphorisms and quotes on different subjects of personal improvement and good Christian living as well as living with God and some quotes from the Holy Scriptures on the chosen subject...

The texts are short, simple and very lovely! I hope you will feel inspired!

Introduction from Author

These words are meant to be brief and concentrated to suit those who don't have time to read long essays.

Each word offers you a special spiritual meaning that you can read on its own, independently...

They are words on many different topics which are not meant to be divided into parts and chapters. But they are spiritual contemplations, which you can read without keeping a specific order.

We put these in your hands, not to add to your knowledge but to add to your life...  

10th July 1989 (3rd Abib)

"If a person loves what is good, he will do it without any pressure of outside violence, without fear and without seeking a reward or praise or payment of any kind... Jesus came calling for goodness without violence. He never forced people to do what is good, but to love doing it. It becomes a desire that dwells inside their hearts and feelings, without being compelled to do it. The Lord did not want slaves who walk in fear..."

"Your job is not to pull up the tares, but to grow as wheat. When the wheat harvester comes, He will find the ears of your wheat full, and will gather thirty and sixty and a hundred until His barns are filled with wheat."


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Part III Subjects 101-150

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