Martyrs' Mirror

11. Dirk Turns Back As the weeks passed, the day came when the judge's servant stood in the windy courtyard before the town hall, and read these words: Whereas, Dirk Willems, born at Asperen, at present a prisoner, has, before the bailiff and us judges, confessed, that at the age of fifteen, eighteen or twenty years, he was re-baptized in

12. Hans Answers Two weeks later, Hans was summoned to be questioned by the Dean of Ronse, the inquisitor. This time the man was more subdued than he had been with Dirk: "It seems to me that you people have searched the Scriptures well," he told Hans. "Where do you hold your church?" "Where Christ and His apostles held it,

13. On Fire Alone in her cell, Anna Timmermanns was writing one last letter to her fourteen-year-old son back in Rotterdam. Minutes before, she had received her sentence from the judges. They would execute her that afternoon. She blessed God that she still had paper and ink. She wrote: The following is the testament which Anna Timmermanns left to her