Orthodox Christianity

What is Orthodox Christianity

Orthodox Christianity itself— what is it and its historic roots? The first is a category important for all Christian people: doctrine. Did she maintain the truth of God as given by Christ and His Apostles? Second, what about worship? Is there a discernible way in which the people of God have offered a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving to Him? Third, consider Church government. What

Life after Death | Orthodox Christianity

How should we understand the Eternity? What is that – after-death sufferings? Can God give a life to him, who, as He knows, will go to the eternal torments? Do our passions remain in action after the death? Are there any real means to help the departed? What is the influence of the pray on the after-death state of a soul? Nobody can remain indifferent

Ladder of Divine Ascent | St. John Climacus

The Ladder of Divine Ascent, or Ladder of Paradise , is an important ascetical treatise for monasticism in Eastern Christianity written by St. John Climacus in ca. AD 600. The Ladder of Divine Ascent, which obtained an immense popularity and has made its author famous in the Church, is addressed to anchorites and cenobites and treats of the means by which the highest degree of

Discipleship in Orthodox Christianity

The Christian life is a life of discipleship. Everyone who believes in Christ, is called to be His disciple. Christ was called 'the Teacher', and 'the Good Teacher', being His disciple is something for all Christians to claim, Jesus had His special disciples who were called "His own" (John 13: 1). These were the men whom He prepared for ministering the word (Acts 6:4). It

Church History for Orthodox Christians

Some 2,000 years ago, the Lord Jesus Christ directly intervened in human history: Although He is God (together with the Father and the Holy Spirit), He became a man — or, as we often put it, He became incarnate — enfleshed. Mankind, at its very beginning in Adam and Eve, had fallen away from Divine life by embracing sin, and had fallen under the power

Coptic Orthodox Church

The Coptic Church is the ancient church of Egypt; the name Copt derives from the Greek Aiguptioi (“Egyptians”). According to tradition within the church, its founder and first patriarch was Mark the Evangelist, who first preached Christianity in Alexandria in the 40s of the 1st century CE. In many cities around the globe, the Coptic Orthodox Church has become part of the local Christian mosaic.