Mother Teresa | 12. Money


12. Money

"I fear just one thing: money! Greed - the love of money - was what motivated Judas to sell Jesus."

How many things we own that we do not give away - because we feel so attached to them.

It is better to have less in order to give it all to Jesus.

We raffled the car that Pope John Paul II gave me in Bombay. With the money we collected, we created a great centre for lepers that we have named City of Peace.

With the Nobel Peace Prize money, we built homes for the poor because I only accepted the prize in the name of and as a representative of the poor.

Whoever is dependent on his or her money or worries about it, is truly a poor person:

If that person puts his or her money at the service of others, then the person becomes rich, very rich indeed.

Let us not be satisfied just by giving money. Money is not everything. Money is something you can get.

The poor need the work of our hands, the love of our hearts.

Love, an abundant love, is the expression of our Christian religion.

There are people who can afford the luxury to live in great comfort; it is possible that they have earned the privilege by their efforts.

What irritates me is to see that extravagance exists.

It irritates me to see some people waste and throw away things that we could use.