Teachings of Menno Simons | Quotes


Menno Simons (1496-1561) was the most outstanding Anabaptist Christian leader of the Low Countries during the 16th century. His followers became known as Mennonites (Mennisten).

Menno Simons was a prolific expounder of Christian and specifically Anabaptist doctrines and teachings and here you can read a collection of his thoughts and explanations on a number of crucial subjects and problems of Christian living and Religious practice.

Here are altogether 42 subjects on 8 pages, depending on your interests - you can read them through from beginning to the end or just click and see what interests you more....

=> If you would like to read the Biography of Menno Simons, it was published earlier...

Index of Subjects:

  1. Preliminary
  2. The Authority and Inerrancy of the Scriptures.
  3. The Trinity of God
  4. Christ; His Deity and Humanity
  5. His Office
  6. The Incarnation
  7. The Holy Ghost
  8. Sin
  9. The Law
  10. The Atonement
  11. Repentance
  12. Faith
  13. Justification by Faith
  14. Regeneration
  15. The New Life
  16. Predestination
  17. The Church
  18. The Ordinances
  19. Baptism
  20. Import of Baptism
  21. Infant Baptism
  22. Salvation of Infants
  23. The Name "Anabaptists" Repudiated
  24. The Lord's Supper
  25. On the Doctrine of the Corporeal Presence of Christ in the Bread and Wine
  26. The Washing of the Saints' Feet
  27. Discipline
  28. Qualification of Ministers
  29. Support of the Ministry
  30. The Social Message of the Church
  31. The Dangers and the Right Use of Riches
  32. Non-conformity to the World
  33. The Doctrine of Non-resistance
  34. Capital Punishment
  35. Swearing of Oaths
  36. Duties toward the Magistracy
  37. Liberty of Conscience
  38. Higher Education
  39. Worldly Titles
  40. Anti-Secrecy
  41. Duties to Children
  42. The Glorious Hope