Menno Simons | Life and Times


Menno Simons | Life and Times

This is the long and detailed biography of Menno Simons (1496-1561), the most prominent Anabaptist Christian leader and teacher in Netherlands and North German states during the 16th century. His followers became known as Mennonites (Mennisten).

The Short Biography of Menno Simons as well as his most important teachings were published already earlier.

This is the Longer and more detailed article about his life, development of his views, relationship with other Christian groups, Reformation of church, other prominent religious personalities of His time, Menno Simons’s attitude to state, baptism and Jesus Christ....

  1. Menno Simons' Conversion and Baptism
  2. Menno Simons' Call to the Ministry and Ordination.
  3. The Anabaptists
  4. Menno Simons' Motives, Aims, and Endeavours
  5. Menno's Labours in the Netherlands
  6. The Difficulties Under Which Menno Simons Worked
  7. Menno's Flight to Germany and Works in the Electorate of Cologne
  8. From the Flight from Cologne to the Discussions at Wismar
  9. Menno Simons' Relation to the State-Church Reformation
  10. Menno's Attitude Towards Rationalism
  11. Menno on Church Discipline
  12. Menno Simons' Doctrine on the Incarnation of Christ
  13. Menno Simons' Attitude Towards the Münsterites
  14. The Batenburgers and the Davidites
  15. Adam Pastor
  16. A Letter of Menno Simons to a Timid Believer
  17. Menno in Wüstenfelde. His Death. His Place in the History of the Reformation